Two leading amazon product research tools side by side. Comparison of most hot features.

  •    Software Format
  •    Sales Estimates
  •    Accuracy of Estimates
    Based on the feedback of software users
  •    Best Sellers Rank (BSR)
  •    Number of Reviews
  •    Average Star Rating
  •    Search Result Filters
  •    FBA Fee Display
  •    Product Sellers Count
    Total number of sellers offering the same product on Amazon
  •    Product Size & Weight
  •    Export Results to CSV
    Export to Comma Separated File, which can be opened as e.g. Excel Spreadsheet
  •    Item Trends History
    Handy popup, which shows product keyword historical data taken from Google Trends
  •    Price and BSR History
    Handy popups for showing product Price and BSR historical change graph
  •    Favorite Searches
    Ability to store and save most favorite searched and access them easily later
  •    Import Bulk ASINs
    Import big list of ASINs for detailed analysis
  •    Related Products
    Possibility to search products related to the current opened item
  •    Related Keywords
    Shows keywords related to current keywords from the search result
  •    Product Tracker
    Monitors selected product pricing, inventory, profit margins, etc.
  • Products
    Possibility to scan website products and extract their data from Amazon
  •    Mobile App
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